AZ Petro Energy Enterprise Ltd. was formed in response to a demand for a more flexible, customer focused Engineering, Designing and Technical Services as well as Construction Management Company willing to work on small or even marginally economic projects.

AZ Petro Energy Enterprise Ltd. offers customers a comprehensive range of services in support of technical design, installation, construction and management of Oil & Gas production facilities and pipelines.

Specializing in energy transfer solutions for the Pulp & Paper and Forestry sector, our company participates in engineering & design of thermal oil heating systems that supply thermal energy for lumber dry kilns, material dryers, board presses, plant heating systems, as well as for power generation (ORC) facilities and compressed air systems.

  • Detailed Engineering, Designing, Drafting and 3-D Modeling
  • Civil and Structural General Engineering and Designing
  • Designing of Pipe Line Trusses, Bridges and Bents, Piping Supports (civil and structural design) as well as Structural Stress Analysis
  • Piping Design & Registration (onshore, offshore, aboveground, underground, all sizes and ratings)
  • Pressure Vessels Design & Registration
  • ASME and other Process Calculations
  • CRN Applications preparation and submission
  • Mechanical Engineering and Designing
  • Power Generation - ORC
  • Construction Site Inspections
  • Construction Site Data Collections
  • QA&QC support
  • Tender packages preparation
  • Design Drawings Review and Certification